One day:

I am supposed to laugh

I am supposed to smile

You are supposed to bring me joy

With the plans of tomorrow

I promise you baby

I will love you forever

But right now I don’t feel the joy

I feel the hurt and pain

Did I curse you with this life

Will you grow to feel this way

I pray everyday that Jesus comes and takes me away

So baby please don’t ever feel this way

Please grow strong and not like mama

Please forgive me for today

As the months grow

My joy will follow

I will know that you are okay

Baby please know that you keep me on this earth

You and your brother

But that is just today

Mama doesn’t always feel this way

Mama loves life and Daddy

Mama finds joy in Jesus and her babies

Mama loves and laughs a lot

So please don’t worry little baby

One day baby

You may find a wife to love

You may have a little baby

And if her tears bring so much sorrow

Hold her close stay always faithful

Help her want to wake in the tomorrow

Be her strength, her love, her joy

And believe baby

The joy will return