I wanted to dance

I wanted to feel the watch shake

God knows I knew

I would regret would I do

I still plunged deep; deeper and deeper

To feel the earth shake

To live for today

To experience love, To find that addiction

To fall on my feet, to learn on my own

Reputation splattered

There is no where to go

But deeper and deeper demise is my fate

Teenage rebellion, it’s normal I say

The body that’s broken, purity shattered

The tears that have fallen

Yes teenage rebellion

The price that we pay

To feel the earth shake, to live for today

To fall on our feet, to learn on our own

Yes, Now I fit in with the hurt and the broken

My goal now complete

I now deplete

Yes, teenage rebellion

No one knows the price you will pay

For teenage rebellion

Anxious for freedom I’m left all alone

My friends all go off to follow their dreams

I stay at home, I reap what I sow

God still redeems, but alters my dreams

Hope is still found, life is renewed

Still I look back at the dreams that have passed

The life that was broken but mended

Thank God, Jesus redeems

Even in the midst of shattered dreams

Jesus redeems