When the topic of abortion comes up I become very passionate. I become passionate about what I truly am fighting for, I become passionate for mercy and grace, I become passionate about those who have received injustice and/or death, I because passionate for the truth. I have made far too many mistakes to condemn anyone. I do feel strongly though that I am fighting for life and as long as I do that with compassion and understanding then I have the right to have my voice heard. More than that, I have the obligation to speak truth with love. I have the obligation to protect the weak and stand up to the offenders. I have the obligation to forgive, love, and show mercy. Here are my thoughts, I hope to display the urgency of this matter while following these obligations.

1. The exception of rape

When the argument is made that a person is prolife because girls need to be more responsible it makes my blood boil. What I hear is that being prolife is a matter of making woman more responsible. That if the girl made the decision to be intimate then she should be able to take responsibility in having this child. I believe that most woman who have been in the position of a crises pregnancy realize that there is little in this world more scary then facing the reality of an unplanned pregnancy. In my case it was not only the fear for myself and that child but I was very aware that I could very well lose the respect of my family and friends as well.This is not an easy thing to face. If we are to be prolife then it should be because we believe that to abort in any situation is murder and therefore always wrong. We are not in a place to judge and question a woman’s choices sexually and if we are making laws simply to keep girls responsible for their decisions this is not a cause I can get on board with. God forgives and wipes away sins, there is nothing biblical or morally applicable about a girl staying pregnant simply to pay her transgressions.

2. Can’t They Just Adopt?

  I know without a doubt, without God’s help and support, I would not be capable of giving my baby up. It is a very noble and courageous decision to make. A decision that would not be easy and is not for the faint of heart. A woman that is able to give up her baby to give him/her a better life is a woman that I admire.

3. Children Don’t have Rights 

I have heard a person admit that baby to be a child and with the next breath tell me that it’s justifiable because children don’t have rights. How far have we fallen that we have come to terms with a fetus being a living being with a soul but still say that it’s okay because a woman should not have anything forced upon her body. We have become a society where a childs value is dependant on whether the Mother values him/her and that is a scary thought.

4. Dads

When a Mom isn’t up to the task we sympathize and understand. We offer support whether the choice is raising that child, giving that child up, or the unfortunate choice of taking that child’s life.

When a Dad says he is not up to it. He has no say in the decision but is considered a dead beat if he doesn’t rise to the occasion. Men are told they cannot speak up because it is not their body. Everyday men have to watch their children’s lives be taken with no say. Everyday babies are put up fit adoption despite a father’s opposition. Let’s have a little more respect.

Kudos to all those single parents out there who have sacrificed for their kids and to all those parents out there who have realized they couldn’t do it and made the brave choice of adoption.

5. Permission to Fight

I say that to be prolife then we need to be prolife without exception. But that’s not always true. As in the case of ectopic pregnancy the only true choice is to remove the baby. If the Mother has cancer or her body demands surgery. Do what you must for the Mom and when you can choose the safer route for the baby. But don’t take the babies life. Give God that choice. But give those woman compassion and permission to fight. A woman’s life is as valuable as the childs.

I fight for life because it is a life. PERIOD.