The other day at church a lady asked how many kids I have. I responded with a feeling of dread that, yes, I have three boys under five. The response I received shocked me and this surprised me even more than the response I received. When people ask how many kids I have I dread responding. It is rarely to never positive and goes something like this. So are you FINALLY done now? You must be tired? I feel sorry for you! you must be so busy! Was that intentional? You must really love making babies! You two had fun…

         The shocking response I received.. “You are so blessed, boys are so much fun!” My boys are a blessing, that yes I actually do want. I may not have planned for them; but God did. God had plans for these boys and I wouldn’t want it any other way. No, I wasn’t jumping up and down when I found out. However, I would never return them! They are part of me and God knew I needed them.

         My hackles are constantly up, I feel the need to defend my choices and the children God blessed me with. I am a mom of three boys. Three rambunctious, wild, emotional, fun, imaginative boys. I am young, 23, yet I love it. I love my boys, I love their humor I love their love. They light up my life, and they drive me absolutely crazy. I have long ago accepted that sleeping longer than four hours is a lost dream. I am fully aware that nothing nice stays nice for very long. It is hectic, busy, exhausting, and so worth it!

         I read an article awhile ago, that spoke of a baby being a blessing. When we see a woman expecting her first child, don’t make her dread it, tell her the good things. Tell her she’s blessed, let her anticipate all the good. It is so easy to forget the good in the exhaustion of today. But it is there; and it is huge!

         When a person makes me feel as if my job as a mother is crazy, pointless, and miserable suddenly I began to believe it. I began to think that I am weird and my job is meaningless and being ‘just’ a mother is something to be ashamed of. I began to feel like I got the bad end of the deal. I start seeing my kids as a nuisance and I forget how lucky I am to have three healthy boys!

         Do not be the one to discourage a job well done. Do not be the one to make a Mom feel as if she should feel bad for herself simply because God blessed her. Do not dismiss the value of raising the next generation and the pride that continues as parents watch their grandchildren. Be the one that shocks a tired mom by responding: You are so lucky!” Be the one that reminds her to stop and smell the roses.