1. How To Stop And Smell The Roses 


You hear grandparents and older people tell you that the time flys by. Don’t miss a thing. I have decided that I am incapable of stopping to smell the roses everyday.

I was told that the days go slow and the years go fast. I believe this to be true. No matter how much I try to convince myself this is something I need to hold onto and cherish I cannot seem to remember this through every temper tantrum, ridiculously annoying Bubble Guppies episode and sleepless night. I know I am so lucky to have three healthy boys. I am so blessed!

However, I can’t seem to remember that all the time. Grandparents may remind us to pause, but they never seem to want us to visit for too long. They enjoy handing our boys back to us. So I’m calling it. For me, there will be days that the laundry is not a glorious privilege, there will be days that Barney won’t be precious music, there will be days where I just want to sleep. I know I am blessed, but days still are long, no matter how short the years.

2. When To Go To The Doctor


When my youngest was little, the doctors assumed I did not know what I was doing. I hated it then, kind of envy it now. My little guy spikes a temp of 102 and I am leaning over him, worrying like crazy.  I do not know. I do not know if it is just a bug. I do not know if my kid actually shoved chocolate up his nose and if that is truly a big deal at all.

3. When I Am In Labor


When I am feeling contractions and people are looking at me, as if I should know if the baby is coming. I do not know if I am in labor. My stories are all different, my kids are all different, and I truly don’t know. I do not know every crazy side effect of pregnancy and it is still scary. I have three kids and believe it or not I have not seen everything.

4. How To Discipline


My first little guy left me with overwhelming pride. He said please and thank you. He picked up his toys and he never hit! I addressed it once and that was it. “It is all about consistency” I said.

Then I had my second. Not only is he determined and stubborn but my first kid suddenly got really naughty!

That was with two, now that I am a sophisticated mother of three, I got this… (Yes that was sarcasm).

5. Meeting the Baby

My first reaction to my kids were very different and it is worth being said that you don’t know if your first thought will be “What a miracle!” or “Gee he’s wrinkly and red!”