I have asked my kid many times throughout his four years if he wants to let Jesus into his heart. His answer has always been; not right now, later, no, I do not want to. My response has usually been kissing him on his forehead and reminding him to let me know when he is ready. The other night he responded yes and prayed to accept Jesus into his heart!

On one hand I am overjoyed at my little man’s decision, the biggest decision he will ever make. On the other hand I wonder. I wonder if he understands what he is accepting. I wonder if this will be it and he will always direct his faith back to this glorious day when he was four years old. I wonder if he will go through heartache and pain and God will have to reveal himself again and again before he fully is able to understand the depths of the importance of following Christ. I wonder what this journey will entail and if this is truly the beginning of his journey of faith.

I know my kid loves Jesus and understands the best his four year old mind can. Just today he was looking through his little Bible telling me the stories of the Bible with a few added ninjas and a giant squid. He asks questions that are deeper then I ever expected from his little four year old self.

I also know that his mind is still expanding, changing, and becoming. I know that even with God there beside him that he will face difficulty and he will have to persevere. I know that right now he is accepting what we have taught him and there will be a day when he questions his faith and chooses to seek and verify his faith.
It is exciting. It is exciting that for my oldest it has begun. He has started to question, wonder, dream, and believe. It is exciting to know that this is the beginning of his walk with our God Almighty. Whether this is the day he will mark down in history for all of his days; I do not know. Whether there will be a day in the future when he falls smack into the realization that he needs that God up there that loves him; I do not know. I will be watching, praying, cheering, and hoping that this walk leads to little regret and an abundance of bravery and faith.